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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jabal Shogruf - the hidden gem of Haraz Mountains and part of Urbanistan, an international art project of Matjaz Krivic, which through photography explores the urban environment of the third world.

Finally we see our destination lying several hundred meters in front of us and we are speachless. It feels as if we have reached the edge of the world.
Eagerly we hasten our steps to explore the fortified homes perched precipitously on the edge of the cliff...

You will experience this and more when discovering Haraz Mountains with Eternal Yemen, tour and travel operator. In the article below in this post, that was first published in Yemen Today Magazine, February 2013, you will get an idea on what do the Haraz Mountains, lying west of Sana'a, have to offer.

But before reading the article, I'll let you know why I decided to post this today.

The fascinating Shogruf Mountain (Jabal Shogruf) is also one of exceptional photographs in Urbanistan, an international art project of Slovenian photographer Matjaz Krivic, which through photography explores the urban environment of the third world. Today, 18.05. 2013 at 20.00 is the opening of exhibition in Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The project Urbanistan aims to demonstrate that urban in third world countries does not necessarily mean modern and to draw attention of the general public to the slowly declining social values that are sinking under increasing pressures of modernization. The main focus of the exhibition is to search and explore the points where people and communities develop and intwine in the urbanity of humanity. In this context, we can also say that Urbanistan brings sophisticated visual photo essay of the primary human nature and human values.

The Shogruf Mountain by Matjaz Krivic 

 More about the exhibition you can find here:

Thank you Matjaz, to show Slovenia one of the multiple faces of Yemen !

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