Tina Zorman and Eternal Yemen in Slovene media

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tina Zorman and Eternal Yemen: Our favorite landscape is Soqotra Island, a pearl of Indian Ocean

If you think the same, plan your holiday in Soqotra Island, the Island of magic !

Travelling round Soqotra with Eternal Yemen will disclose you the secrets of this amazing island, a unique mozaic of splendid landscapes, exraordinary plants and animals. Our clients are well informed about the dress and behavior code and our tour programs are carefully planned to create the minimal impact on the fragile Socotrian environment and culture.
Responsible and experienced drivers, well versed guides and high quality of cars and camping equipment, together with an optimal program for your time, budget and preferences, will make your holidays in Soqotra unforgettable!

Create with us your eternal travel tale !