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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Escape the cold with a visit of Soqotra Island, Yemen

Instead of being cold in your country, visit Soqotra Island, the Island of Magic, and enjoy hiking along the fabulous landscapes, swimming and snorkelling in the warm sea or simply relaxing along the unforgettable tour that Eternal Yemen, tour operator, will prepare for you !

Soqotra Island that lies 400 km south of Yemeni coast, on the meeting point of Arab Sea and Indian ocean, is one of the most amazing places in the world. Largely isolated island till a decade ago, is very well known among biologists round the world as a paradise of biodiversity. Due to the splendid landscapes, rich and distinct flora and fauna, globally significant populations of land and sea birds and diverse marine life, that is unique hybrid of species from the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific, Soqotra was included on UNESCO World Heritage List in July, 2008 as a site of universal importance.

The best time for visiting Socotra Island is from October till the mid of April, so if you wish to jump to a splendid and warm place in the next months, Soqotra Island is the destination for you !  

Upon your request, the tour can be prepared at any time from September till the mid of May

Guaranteed tour departure: Soqotra adventure – one week: 14.03. – 21.03. 2012